Century City Conference Centre & Hotel

Century City Conference Centre is centrally located near the Cape Town metropole, with easy access to the CBD and the popular Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Easy access to the national highway provides convenient access to the Cape Town International Airport and the Cape Winelands.

The Conference Centre has a total capacity for 1900 delegates in 20 venues and an onsite 125 room hotel. A number of otherhotels surround the Conference Centre, ranging from budget to luxury, all within easy walking distance totalling 600 available rooms. Cape Town’s premier shopping centre, Canal Walk, is situated close-by with more than 400 shops & restaurants. There is flagship Virgin Active Health Club inclusive of a five-kilometre running and walking track and a number of luxury spas to choose from.

The venue offers delegates and guests world-class fibre optic and wireless connectivity. A Guest Service Desk will offer the following services to delegates:

  • Transportation information, including airport transfers, taxis, buses, trains, car rental
  • Info on Cape Town visitor attractions & arrangements
  • Assistance with accommodation bookings
  • Directions, maps & parking information
  • Restaurant reservations & recommendations
  • Wheelchair / disability assistance

Century City Conference Centre

Map with directions.

Click here for Important Notice re the Water Crisis

Click to view Important Notice re the Water Crisis

Halaal Food Certificate


Cape Town offers warm summers and mild and cool winters. Summer temperatures range between 18°C (64°F) and 27°C (80°F). Winter temperatures range between 12°C (53°F) at night and 18°C (64°F) by day.

To view an up to date forecast of the weather in Cape Town click here


South Africa is GMT+2 (2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time).
Example: 12h00 midday in South Africa, is:

  • 06h00 am in New York, USA
  • 11h00 am in London, UK
  • 12h00 midday in Paris, France
  • 20h00 pm  in Sydney, Australia


Tipping / Gratuities

A 10% gratuity on the bill generally applies in restaurants and is normally at the discretion of the diner and dependent on the standard of service experienced. Restaurants usually do not include the tip in the bill unless the booking is for 10 or more people.


The electricity supply in South Africa is 220/230 volts AC 50Hz. Appliances of lesser voltage require a transformer (especially those with a heating element such as hairdryers).  Adapters are obtainable locally and in most cases available from your hotel concierge. Most hotel rooms have 110-volt outlets for electric shavers and small appliances.


South African tap water is completely safe to drink and quite palatable. Bottled water is also available from room service, restaurants and at retail outlets.

Cape Town is experiencing water shortage due to insufficient rainfall and fast declining dam levels.  We all need to THINK WATER.  Please adhere to the water instructions throughout the city.

Click here for an important notice regarding the water crisis

Cape Town and the Western Cape are open for business in spite of the current drought. Visitors are arriving in a place with a significant breadth and depth of experiences and exceptional beauty. However, as beautiful as it is, the Western Cape is a water-scarce part of the world (much like other successful tourist regions like Southern California and Western Australia) and is vulnerable to the effects of climate change and is susceptible to periodic droughts. At present the Western Cape is experiencing a significant drought. This is a 1 in 1000-year occurrence. To counter the short-term effects of the drought and the possibility of running out of water, the City has put in place a number of initiatives to increase the supply of water and make provision for extreme water shortages. There are still many places across the Western Cape that are not as severely affected by the drought such as the nearby Garden Route and the Cape Overberg.

Safety / Security

Delegates are advised to take the usual safety precautions. Do not walk alone in quiet streets after dark. Use a taxi at night and only those from a reputable taxi company.  Check with your hotel concierge as to the safety of a specific area should you be unsure.  Do not attract attention by displaying expensive items such as cameras and expensive watches and jewellery when sightseeing. Make use of the hotel safety deposit box or your room safe to safeguard valuables and passports.


Smoking is prohibited by law in public areas throughout South Africa, including airports, shopping malls and restaurants.  Most public spaces have specially designated smoking areas.


The monetary unit is the South African Rand (ZAR) and the international symbol is R.  R1 = 100 cents. Currency is issued in denominations of notes of R200, R100, R50, R20, R10 and coins. Please visit to convert your local currency.

Value Added Tax

Value added tax (VAT) is included in the price of most goods and services. Visitors are required to pay VAT on purchased goods. VAT refunds may be claimed at airports, harbours and custom offices on items taken out of the country when the total value exceeds R250.00. Customs officials will ask to see the items as well as their purchase slips when applying for a refund.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones with a local South African sim card & number can be rented at either Johannesburg (OR Tambo) or Cape Town International Airport and returned upon departure.